Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cue Sheet Support And StealthAudioPlayer

Continuation of Minimalist Audio Player and ASIO Support (and WinXP)

I gave it a new name. Please welcome...


Version 0.1.1
  • ..._Start.bat did not play folders with "." in the name. fixed.
  • Revised playing thread logic. May have changed SQ. Well, I'm fine with it for now.
  • I'd recommended to set BufferSizeInMilliseconds=40 (on the other hand 16000 also gives good results) in StealthAudioPlayer.ini for WASAPI mode

Version 0.1.0
  • Fix for broken SQ of StealthAudioPlayer_0.0.7 (More on this Later)
  • Fix ASIO - auto next track: the right channel could trip a number of samples

Version 0.0.7

  • Cue sheet support (Next track only for now)
  • Context menu text is changed to "Play with StealthAudioPlayer"

StealthAudioPlayer looks for the cue file in the same folder as the big .wav(flac,mp3) file. The cue file should have the same file name and a ".cue" extension.

If it does not find the cue file with the same name, it looks only one more time for any cue file in that folder and use that cue file if it finds it.

So, in general, if you have one cue file with any name beside the wav file in the folder StealthAudioPlayer will use it.


ARandomName.cue (i.e. MyFavouriteAlbum.cue)


  1. Hi I tried it today and works flawlessly in Windows 7. I did not select ASIO ( 0 )to Still sound came means it goes default to WASAPI?
    Is this combined ASIO and WASAPI?

  2. It's either ASIO or WASAPI, never at the same time, never combined.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for cue support, works well, i didn't take the time yet to compare minimalist and Steath to check weither cue support as an impact sound wise.

    Best regards,

  4. Hello!, Great player. Best audio quality i've ever heard, it's even better than linux with jack server or oss4. Is it possible to add wavpack support? my music collection is ~90% wavpack based.

  5. Hi andy

    I said something stupid. the cue is in the case of a big wav or flac, but not with files cut.
    really a very good player.

    Thank's very much.

  6. Hello Andy,

    as an audiophile sensual man i have quite a boner from listening to your program, especially from hearing the Album "Cat Power - Covers Records" right now. Sadly your program does not support AIFF files at the moment (and official Microsoft WAV headers produced by WVunpack.exe for 32 bit files etc.), all my Hifi friends use iTunes and store their original CDs in AIFF format. I wanted to demonstrate your programm to them as an external ASIO Player that can play back HD content with great Sound Quality, could you please look into this and email me? I would gladly help you. andderksen@web.de
    You could make a live transcode from Aiff to unofficial WAV with sox.exe infile.aif -b 24 -t wavpcm temp.wav -> Play AIF in 24 bit!
    It would be nice, if i could define in the .ini for each file extension my own command line to create the temp.wav file?!

  7. Hi Andreas,

    Sounds like more work to do :)
    Promise I will look into it later. Pretty occupied at the moment...

    Thanks for The kind Word, by the way


  8. Hi Andy,

    after InstallStealthAudioPlayer.bat (Win XP - ASIO) there is a little mistake in your setup:

    - INI-File shows:
    "DriverList= xy ;"

    But instead of:
    "SelectedDriver= xy"

    there is only:

    Best regards

  9. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Actually this case was described here

    First time your run StealthAudioPlayer.exe the SelectedDriver will be empty and "DriverList" will be populated with all drivers you have on your system.
    You need to choose desired driver name (some have more than one) from the "DriverList" without the ending " ;", The "xy" in your case.
    And put the chosen name to "SelectedDriver" manually, "SelectedDriver=xy".


  10. Hi Andy,

    yes I know. Otherwise I wouldn't get it work :-)

    In other words: Would be fine, if you could find
    this at first time in the INI-file:



    SelectedDriver=[Select the driver name from the list "DriverList"]

    instead of only:


    Without reading about the INI-file (your link), nobody could guess that the entry at the left from "=" should be "SelectedDriver" :-)

    I am very curious listening to your player on Win7...

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi Andy,

    trying some things, I have two questions (for now :-) ):

    - Do you do any kind of upsampling (I think not...)?

    - Doing some tests with "telecommanding" your player in network, I would wish: Could you implement (perhaps) 2 more command-possibilities without the message-box for "pause"? I.e. "pause_a" for stopping and "pause_b" to continue...

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Hi Andy,

    there is a problem with ASIO-outputs: Your Player can only handle the first 2 outputs of an asio-driver. The first outputs are in the majority of cases the analog outputs. On two of my cards the Digital output is on output 3 and 4 (which I need...:-) ).

    I.e. you can see at the "normal asio players" at least two pair of drivers to chosse in a pulldown-menue (i.e. cPlay): For analog and for digital output.

    Could you help?

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Hi Andy, thanks for your great player, the output sound quality is just amazing, and keeps improving as I try optimize the winmachine for it. I'm wondering do you still pursue the idea discussed earlier, exploring the possibilty of making your player the alternative headless client for the Squeeze system? The difference bewteen your player and SqueezeSlave is very audible!

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  15. Another happy listener! Thank you very much Andy.
    You might have even spared me a couple of hundred dollars as I was planning of getting a headphone amp to properly drive my Grados. But now, the basic headphone output on Z-10 Logitech speakers sound fantastic.

  16. Wow... wow... wow... I can't believe there can be this kind of difference in SQ, and I thought Foobar was good, now even Foobar pales... But you say macbookpro/itunes is as satisfying, is it better, worse, or equivalent? And which model macbookpro cuz ahmo get myself a used one on eBay right now...


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  18. Hello Andy,

    This is really the greatest program I've ever tested... Would it be possible to improve it ?
    Congratulations !


  19. Thanks, Victor!
    See the latest posts for the latest versions.