Wednesday, May 19, 2010

StealthAudioPlayer: Next Step

Continuation of Minimalist Audio Player, ASIO Support (and WinXP) and Cue Sheet Support And StealthAudioPlayer

Please check for the latest version (>0.1.7) in the latest post of this blog:

Version 0.1.7
  • M3u bug fix: last track is never played.

Version 0.1.6
  • WAV format read bug fixed
  • Fixed: detected as a virus by some AV software.
  • M3u (M3u8) Playlist support.

Version 0.1.5
  • You can select other than default WASAPI audio device by modifying the ini file
  • Message Box texts revised. Added more Messages.
  • Playback sometimes stops in the middle of the track. Another fix.
  • Next may be used many times in a row.
  • Monkey's audio format: jmac converter suggested for instant playback. Needs java. See readme.txt for details.

Version 0.1.4
  • When the track's sample size is not supported by device in exclusive WASAPI, SAP tries the next mode of the device with bigger sample size. Still bit perfect.

Version 0.1.3
  • The issue with playback interrupts at some point in the middle of a track. Sometimes does not start at all. Supposed to be fixed now.

Version 0.1.2
  • Fixed Windows 7 WASAPI exclusive support. Win7 WASAPI is a little different from Vista.
  • 32 bit sample format support
  • The following formats: wav, ape, flac, mp3, mp4, m4a, aiff, aif, aac, can be played if the corresponding converters are setup. Other formats may also be configured. The StealthAudioPlayer now can play different audio file fromats by specifying a converter and the command line for each of the format in the StealthAudioPlayer.ini For details please see "Converters setup" section in Readme.txt
  • Playback starts immediately. Minimal delay before playback start even for large files.
  • Be careful with "Next" feature. Don't use it many times in a row quickly. However should be fine for cue sheets. Will be fixed.
  • Additional dialogs are displayed for initial setup and errors.
For details on installation please refer to Readme.txt included in the zip.

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