Saturday, July 23, 2011

StealthAudioPlayer: The Stage Is Set

Continuation of Minimalist Audio Player, ASIO Support (and WinXP), Cue Sheet Support And StealthAudioPlayer, StealthAudioPlayer: Next Step and StealthAudioPlayer: Now Playing

  • WASAPI: Buffer size aligning for all audio devices, not only for built-in HD audio. SQ!?
  • WASAPI: microseconds in buffer size if needed. (0 is the same as before - SAP <=0.1.9)
  • Add to current playlist. To add tracks to the current playlist: Locate the file/folder you want to add, right click and select "StealthAudioPlayer Add" menu item from the context menu. The tracks will be appended to the end of the StealthAudioPlayer.m3u file (SAP's current playlist).
  • Codecs are now included in the zip bundle along with StealthAudioPlayer files (See this post's title). If you are installing to a new/empty/clean folder the new ini file will be created and the paths to the codecs will be setup automatically. If you are unsipping to an existing installation, then in order to use the codecs from "Codecs" subfolder you need to delete entire [Converters] section from the ini file. It will be recreated next time you run SAP.
  • Renamed context menu item for files and folders to "StealthAudioPlayer Play" and "StealthAudioPlayer Add". For them to be close to each other on the menu and the "Play" to appear first. You should run uninstall first to remove the old menu item "Play with StealthAudioPlayer".
  • Virtual Memory Lock bug has been fixed (See this post's title again). Only the first file in the playlist was locked in memory (from unloading from RAM to pagefile on a disk). If you play entire CD as one file it is no problem: the memory is locked. Now that it's fixed every track is locked. If you wish to have things as before (want to revert to 0.1.9 behaviour), then set AllowVirtualLock=0
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